The End of the Road

The end of the Budd & Rudy show came far so soon but, evidently it was something that had to happen. While I will admit that it was the hardest thing aside from my grandmother that I had to let go of, it is something that I simply did not WANT to do. But fate is fate. You see, I am a jewel…. and as much as no one wanted to admit, I had far too much going for myself to play a number two position. While you made it evident that I would never play second to another, you neglected to reveal the true contents of your heart. In the end, time waits for no man, no matter how amazing he is. So. I CHOSE to walk away…. It could be said that I hurt myself by moving forward but should not be said because I was strong enough to walk away. I was told by the twenty percent that I was never a threat but we both know what is real. Whip appeal before sex appeal. Our picture portrayed on the dash, a slideshow on the phone…. Days and nights spent together… Football games… Basketball games… Dinner and a movie… Holding hands until they go numb… Open arms, warm hands, and awesome jackets in the winter. Never an awkward silence, that was true love with a good man. A great man, but not MY man. The End of the road came and all I could is cry because when you walked out of that door that night, I didn’t know it was the final goodbye. Misconceptions, miscommunication, and misunderstanding… It was fate, God didn’t want me to have your last name. I love you and I always will but this is a dead end, and the road stops here.

All my love,
Rudy 💋